Help the New York Democratic Party Reorganize

Until July 13th, the filing window is open to become a County Committeeperson in your county. These are positions of leadership within your local party which will help determine the direction of the Democratic Party in your state.

What is a County Committeeperson?

As a County Committeeperson, you would be able attend and have voting rights at local, county, district and state party meetings. Committeepeople ensure that people in that area are able to register to vote, are aware of  and are able to reach their polling place during elections; they keep voters informed of news and events; and they address voter concerns and convey them back to the party at regular meetings.

Many County Committeeperson spots go unfilled - often leading to low voter turnout and a disconnect between voters and party leadership. It is absolutely critical for democracy to function well to have people on the ground who understand the needs of their community and can express that back to political leadership.

You can run for a seat on the County Committee if you...

  • Are at least 18 years old.
  • Live in the district and county which you wish to represent.
  • Are a U.S. citizen.
  • Are affiliated with the Democratic Party.
  • Can collect at least 25 valid signatures* from registered Democrats in the district, ward or municipality and submit them no later than July 13th.

Steps to getting elected:

1. Go to the county Board of Elections to pick up a designating petition. They will explain to you there how to collect valid signatures.

2. Collect at least 25 valid signatures BEFORE JULY 10th* from registered Democrats in your region. Aim higher! If you gather 50 signatures, you're much less likely to be disqualified because someone hasn't updated their address, party or name, or has illegible handwriting.

*This can vary from location to location, be sure to ask what the precise number you need is when you collect your petition sheets. They may also be able to give you a list of registered Democrats in your area, or a map of your election district, so you can target your asks.

3. Get your signatures witnessed by another registered member of the New York Democratic Party, or notarized.

4. Bring your signatures and your ID to your county Board of Elections office at any time between July 10th and 13th! Be sure to ask them to timestamp your signatures, and give you a copy.

Once you have filed, if everything is in order, your name will appear on the primary ballot on September 12th. In many of these races, no one files, so your odds of running unopposed and winning are very good!

Please note: Committeepeople are only being elected in Broome, Columbia, Delaware, Franklin, Genesse, Greene, Lewis, Livingston, Montgomery, Nassau, New York, Oswego, Richmond, Schnectady, Seneca, Sullivan, Tompkins and Warren Counties this year. If you are in New York, but live in a different county, you will have an opportunity to get on the ballot next year.