Become a Precinct Captain

When we talk about the need to transform the Democratic Party into people-powered, bottom-up organization that represents the grassroots, we mean millions of people stepping up across the country to get involved in their own backyard. It doesn't get any more grassroots than your voter precinct.

What is a voter precinct?

Voter precincts (also known as election districts in some parts of the country) are tiny geographical units, usually representing just a few hundred voters. In many cases, this is just a few city blocks, though they do grow larger in rural areas. Precincts represent the building blocks of the electorate. And in most states, the Democratic Party has neighborhood representatives all the way down to to the precinct level. We call these positions Precinct Captains.

What is a Precinct Captain?

Precinct captains (also known as Precinct Committee Persons, Precinct Committee Officers, Election Captains, etc.) represent the Democratic Party down to a precinct level. It's their job to represent your voter precinct to the local Democratic Party, by talking to them about the issues that matter to them, attending monthly county or district party meetings, encouraging your neighbors to vote during elections.

It also comes with privileges — in many states, it's the precinct captains who :

  • elect local party leadership (Chair, Vice-Chair, sometimes State Committee members) , at a county or district level
  • are allowed to vote in endorsement meetings, where local parties choose which candidates and ballot initiatives to endorse

How to Become a Precinct Captain

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